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Profil de Florian Pantillon

Pantillon Florian

Email :

Téléphone / phone: +33 5 61 33 27 64

Bureau / office : A123

Institution : CNRS

Statut / status: Chercheur

Adresse professionnelle / address:

Laboratoire d'Aérologie
Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées
14 avenue Édouard Belin
31400 Toulouse - FRANCE

Site perso / personal website :

Research experience

Since 2019 CNRS Researcher, Laboratoire d'Aérologie

2015-2019 Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

DFG Transregional Collaborative Research Center "Waves to Weather"

2013-2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

ERC project "Desert Storms"

2012-2013 Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratoire d'Aérologie

FP7 project "DRIHM"

2009-2012 Doctoral Researcher, Laboratoire d'Aérologie

CNRS and Météo-France grant

2008-2009 Civil Service, Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

2007-2008 Trainee, MeteoSwiss, Payerne


2009-2012 PhD in Atmospheric Physics, Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier

2011 ATUPS exchange student, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

2005-2007 MSc in Astrophysics, Université de Genève

2006-2007 CREPUQ exchange student, Université de Montréal

2002-2005 BSc in Physics, Université de Genève

2004-2005 Erasmus exchange student, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

My research is dedicated to the dynamics and predictability of windstorms in the mid latitudes and subtropics. I focus on different scales from the local formation of wind gusts to the interaction of storms with the global atmospheric circulation. I mainly use models for numerical weather prediction and combine high-resolution simulations with probabilistic forecasts.

Main/Recent publications

  1. Pantillon, F., B. Adler, U. Corsmeier, P. Knippertz, A. Wieser, and A. Hansen, (2019): Formation of Wind Gusts in an Extratropical Cyclone in the Light of Doppler Lidar Observations and Large-Eddy Simulations. Mon. Wea. Rev.,
  2. Eisenstein, L. , Pantillon, F. and Knippertz, P. (2019), Dynamics of sting‐jet storm "Egon" over continental Europe: impact of surface properties and model resolution. Q J R Meteorol Soc.
  3. Pinto, J.G., F. Pantillon, P. Ludwig, M. Déroche, G. Leoncini, C.C. Raible, L.C. Shaffrey, and D.B. Stephenson, (2019): From Atmospheric Dynamics to Insurance Losses – an Interdisciplinary Workshop on European Storms. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 100, ES175–ES178,
  4. Keller, J. H., Grams, C. M., Riemer, M., Archambault, H. M., Bosart, L., Doyle, J. D., Evans, J. L., Galarneau, T. J. , Jr., Griffin, K., Harr, P. A., Kitabatake, N., McTaggart-Cowan, R., Pantillon, F., Quinting, J., Reynolds, C. A., Ritchie, E. A., Torn, R. D., Zhang, F. (2019). The Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones Part II: Interaction with the midlatitude flow, downstream impacts, and implications for predictability. Mon. Wea. Rev., 147, 1077–1106.
  5. Pantillon, F., Lerch, S., Knippertz, P., Corsmeier, U. (2018). Forecasting wind gusts in winter storms using a calibrated convection-permitting ensemble. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 144, 1864–1881.
  6. Lac, C., Chaboureau, J.-P., Masson, V., Pinty, J.-P., Tulet, P., Escobar, J., Leriche, M., Barthe, C., Aouizerats, B., Augros, C., Aumond, P., Auguste, F., Bechtold, P., Berthet, S., Bielli, S., Bosseur, F., Caumont, O., Cohard, J.-M., Colin, J., Couvreux, F., Cuxart, J., Delautier, G., Dauhut, T., Ducrocq, V., Filippi, J.-B., Gazen, D., Geoffroy, O., Gheusi, F., Honnert, R., Lafore, J.-P., Brossier, C. L., Libois, Q., Lunet, T., Mari, C., Maric, T., Mascart, P., Moge, M., Molinie, G., Nuissier, O., Pantillon, F., Peyrille, P., Pergaud, J., Perraud, E., Pianezze, J., Redelsperger, J.-L., Ricard, D., Richard, E., Riette, S., Rodier, Q., Schoetter, R., Seyfried, L., Stein, J., Suhre, K., Taufour, M., Thouron, O., Turner, S., Verrelle, A., Vie, B., Visentin, F., Vionnet, V., Wautelet, P. (2018) Overview of the Meso-NH model version 5.4 and its applications. Geoscientific Model Development, 11, 1929–1969.
  7. Pantillon, F., Wieser, A., Adler, B., Corsmeier, U., Knippertz, P. (2018). Overview and first results of the Wind and Storms Experiment (WASTEX): a field campaign to observe the formation of gusts using a Doppler lidar. Advances in Science and Research, 15, 91–97.
  8. Knippertz, P., Pantillon, F., Fink, A. H. (2018). The devil in the detail of storms. Environmental Research Letters, 13 (5), 051001/1–3.
  9. Pantillon, F., Knippertz, P., and Corsmeier, U. (2017), Revisiting the synoptic-scale predictability of severe European winter storms using ECMWF ensemble reforecasts. Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 1795-1810.
  10. Maier-Gerber, M., Pantillon, F., Di Muzio, E., Riemer, M., Fink, A. H. and Knippertz, P. (2017), Birth of the Biscane. Weather, 72: 236–241.
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  12. Pantillon, F., Chaboureau, J.-P., & Richard, E. (2016). Vortex-vortex interaction between Hurricane Nadine (2012) and an Atlantic cut-off dropping the predictability over the Mediterranean. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142(S1), 419–432.
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  15. Pantillon, F., Chaboureau, J.-P., & Richard, E. (2015). Remote impact of North Atlantic hurricanes on the Mediterranean during episodes of intense rainfall in autumn 2012. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 141(688), 967–978.
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  18. Chaboureau, J.-P., Pantillon, F., Lambert, D., Richard, E., & Claud, C. (2012). Tropical transition of a Mediterranean storm by jet crossing. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 138(664), 596–611.
  19. Pantillon, F., Mascart, P., Chaboureau, J.-P., Lac, C., Escobar, J., & Duron, J. (2011). Seamless MESO-NH modeling over very large grids. Comptes Rendus Mécanique, 339(2), 136–140.
  20. Mathis, S., Talon, S., Pantillon, F., & Zahn, J.-P. (2008). Angular Momentum Transport in the Sun’s Radiative Zone by Gravito-Inertial Waves. Solar Physics, 251(1–2), 101–118.
  21. Pantillon, F., Talon, S., & Charbonnel, C. (2007). Angular momentum transport by internal gravity waves. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 474(1), 155–163.
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