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Profil de Laurent Labbouz

Laurent Labbouz

Email :

Téléphone / phone: +33 5 61 33 27 78

Bureau / office : A128

Institution : CNES

Statut / status: Post-Doc

Adresse professionnelle / address:

Laboratoire d'Aérologie / OMP
14 Avenue Ediuard Belin
31400 Toulouse

Site perso / personal website :

I am currently a CNES post-doctoral research fellow, working in the Laboratoire d'Aérologie, with Jean-Pierre Chaboureau.

My work is part of the research project Aerosols Radiation and Clouds in Southern Africa (AEROCLO-sA). I study aerosol-convection interactions in the Congo Bassin, focussing on both the impact of aerosols on convective clouds and the lifting of aerosols by moist convection and the subsequent medium to long range transport.

I have also been working on convection parametrisation in the ECHAM-HAM model. It was my main reserach area during my previous position at the University of Oxford, in Philip Stier's group, and I am still working on it (as a secondary project). This work has involved improving and evaluating a convective parameterization ( Kipling et al, 2017; Labbouz et al., 2018) aiming at representing aerosol-convection interactions in a climate model. I have shown how much we can learn and gain by comparing internal variables of a convective parameterisation with multi-wavelength radar retrieval of convective cloud properties such as vertical velocity profiles, mass-fluxes and cloud top height ( Labbouz et al, 2018)

During my PhD at Laboratoire de Météorologie Physique, Clermont-Ferrand, France, I worked on GPS measurement of water vapour in order to get better understanding of convective initiation and development over complex terrain based on case studies and long-term measurements. We showed the usefullness of GPS retrievals of column integrated water vapour and 3D tomographic estimations of water vapour concentrations for understanding convection ( Van Baelen et al., 2011; Labbouz et al., 2013;  Labbouz 2013), and the statistical links between the evolution of water vapour concentration and the onset of precipitation ( Labbouz et al., 2015)

Main/Recent publications

  • Labbouz, L., Kipling, Z., Stier, P., & Protat, A. (2018). How Well Can We Represent the Spectrum of Convective Clouds in a Climate Model? Comparisons between Internal Parameterization Variables and Radar Observations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 75(5), 1509–1524.
  • Kipling, Z., Stier, P., Labbouz, L., & Wagner, T. (2017). Dynamic subgrid heterogeneity of convective cloud in a global model: description and evaluation of the Convective Cloud Field Model (CCFM) in ECHAM6–HAM2. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17(1), 327–342. 
  • Labbouz, L., Van Baelen, J., & Duroure, C. (2015). Investigation of the links between water vapor field evolution and rain rate based on five years of measurements at a mid-latitude site. Geophysical Research Letters. 

Convection in Southern Africa: aerosols transport and aerosol-cloud interactions (CNES-funded post-doc)


BACCHUS   (EU FP7, finishing May 2018)

At Oxford University, Department of Physics, I tought tutorials in the 3rd year course Fluids, Flows, and Complexity

During my PhD at Blaise Pascal University, I had teaching duties of 64 hours per year, and tought practicals and classes (in hydrodynamics, optics, thermodynamics, vibrations, and quantum mechanics).

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