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Planet-disk interactions in dusty disks

Séminaire le 15 nov 2018 de 11h00 à 12h00

Intervenant : Pablo Benítez Llambay

Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Salle de conférence Salle de conférence

Planetary embryos are born and grow orbiting in disks surrounding young forming stars. These protoplanets perturb the disk which, in turn, produces gravitational feedback onto the nascent planets. This feedback has the potential of changing the planet's orbit, leading to a process known as planet migration. The characterization of planet migration requires detailed calculations of the global disk structure, which is sensitive to the physical mechanisms operating in it. For example, the headwind exerted by a sub-keplerian gas flow onto dust particles produces a mutual radial drift which, combined with planet torques may have a significant effect on the resulting local mass distribution of the disk. This dust torque could - depending on the dust-to-gas mass ratio and the mass of the embryos - change the orbit of the nascent planets.
In this talk I will introduce the concept of planet-migration and show that the physical environment close to the planet has the potential of changing the migration history of planetary systems. In particular, I will summarize results related to thermal torques and torques produced in dusty environments.

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