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Cosmic rays, between the Earth and the Sky

Séminaire le 01 juin 2017 de 11h00 à 12h00

Intervenant : Juan Antonio Garzon


Univ. Santiago de Compostela, Espagne

Salle de conférence Salle de conférence

Very high energy cosmic rays coming from beyond the Solar System are permanently impinging the Earth's atmosphere where they produce billions of unstable secondary particles that can be detected at the Earth’s surface. The origin of cosmic rays and how they get the huge energies they have is still a mystery. The study of cosmic rays may provide more information not only about their properties but also about the interplanetary space, the solar activity, the Earth’s magnetic field and the atmosphere among other research fields. A new generation of detectors, called Trasgos, with outstanding performance have been developed by the Univ. of Santiago de Compostela for a multipurpose study of cosmic rays. The first prototype has been taking data over the past two years and is providing its first scientific results. A new detector, Tristan, will be sent soon to the Antartic and there is also a plan to deploy a set of Trasgos in the Southwest of Europe for the early detection of solar magnetic storms.

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