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Profil de Alexis Rouillard

Rouillard Alexis

Email :

Téléphone / phone: 0561558586

Bureau / office : 0561558586

Institution : CNRS

Statut / status: Chercheur

Adresse professionnelle / address:

Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie
9 Ave. du Colonel Roche
31028 Toulouse Cedex 4

Site perso / personal website :

Academic Positions:

2012-Now: Permanent Research Staff, CNRS, IRAP, Toulouse, France

2009-2012: Associate Research Professor, George Mason University, USA                

                 Working at Naval Research Laboratory and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2007-2009: Postdoctoral Research Associate (STFC funded), University of Southampton, UK

2006-2007: Research Scientist - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

2002-2006: PhD (NERC funded) - University of Southampton, UK (Supervisor: Prof. Michael Lockwood, FRS)

Prizes and Awards:

2018: ERC Consolidator Grant: SLOW_SOURCE

                                             Press Release by CNRS Occitanie Ouest                     

2014: Karen Harvey Prize, American Astronomical Society, Boston, USA

2013: Arne Richter Outstanding Young Scientist Award, European Geosciences Union Vienna, Austria

2013: Prix La Novela, Toulouse, France

2007: Commendation prize for PhD thesis, Set for Britain, House of Commons, UK

1999: John-Scott Montagu prize for outstanding academic results, Uni. of Southampton, UK

My research interests:

- origin and properties of the solar wind,

- origin and properties of coronal mass ejecta,

- origin and properties of high-energy particles,

- space-weather forecasting,

- historical reconstructions of past solar wind activity.

Current postdocs:

Aug 2019-:                  Dr Victor Reville (MHD Models of the solar wind) - ERC funded

Oct 2018-:                   Dr Lea Griton (Models of the slow solar wind) - ERC funded

Feb 2018- :                 Dr Athanasis Kouloumvakos (High-energy solar physics) - ANR funded

Jan 2018- :                  Dr Kévin Dalmasse (MHD models and remote-sensing observations of CMEs) - CNES postdoc

Mar 2018- :                 Dr Yihong Wu (Coupled MHD-kinetic models of stellar winds and SEPs) - ANR funded

Current PhD students:

Apr 2019- :                  Mr Nicolas Poirier (Models of coronal loops/analysis of remote sensing) - ERC funded

Nov 2017- :                  Mr Michael Lavarra (Kinetic-fluid models of the solar atmosphere) - CNES/DGA funded


Current web developer

Jul. 2018- :                   Mr Matthieu Alexandre (Web-based interfaces/site development) - FP7 funded

Current model developer (Engineer)

Sept 2017-:                  Mr Mikel Indurain (Kinetic-fluid and kinetic models of space plasmas) - FP7 funded

Jan   2019-:                  Mr Nicolas Poirier (Models of magnetic flux ropes) - CNES funded

Past postdocs

Nov 2014-Dec 2019:     Dr Rui Pinto (Now at AIM, CEA)

May 2014-May 2017:     Dr Illya Plotnikov (now permanent staff at IRAP)

May 2013-Nov. 2013:    Dr Valbona Kunkel (now working at NOAA, USA)

Past PhD students:

Nov 2014-Nov 2017:     Dr Eduardo Sanchez-Diaz

Past Master II / ISAE students:

Jul.  2018-Dec. 2018:    Mr Nicolas Poirier (final year project ISAE-ENSMA)

May 2017-Sep. 2017:    Mr Michael Lavarra (project Master II ASEP / ISAE-SUPAERO)

Mar. 2016-May 2016:    Mr Damien Spérone-Longin (now PhD student at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH)

Mar. 2014-Jun. 2014:    Mr Kévin Ségura (now working at Innovative Solutions in Space, Netherlands)

Past research assistants:

Jun. 2014-Aug 2014:     Mr Anthony Bourdelle (ISAE-SUPAERO, now PhD student at ONERA, France)

Aug. 2013-Sep. 2013:   Mlle Margot Tirole (now PhD student at King's College London, UK)


2019-            Principal Investigator of the ERC Consolidator SLOW_SOURCE project 

2017-            Leader (with T. Dudok de Wit) of the French Organisation for Applied Research in Space Weather (OFRAME)

2017-2021:   Principal Investigator of the COROSHOCK (ANR JCJC) project (~300kEuros)

2014-Now:    Chair of the European Space Agency 'Modelling and Data Analysis Working Group' (MADAWG), ESA


2014-2017:    Team leader of work packages 5 and 6 on FP7 HELCATS Project (~700kEuros), EU


2014-Now:     Leader of the 'Solar Terrestrial Observations and Modeling Service (STORMS)', recognised as a national facility by CNRS INSU:

Participation on panels and councils:

2015-Now: Science Advisory Board for the INSU panel on Virtual Observatories, INSU, CNRS.

2015-Now: Science Advisory Board for the CNES Sun-Heliosphere-Magnetosphere group, CNES.

2014-Now: Science Advisory Board for the 'Programme National Soleil-Terre', INSU, CNRS.

2014-Now: Science Discipline Representative to SCOSTEP (Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics) for France (with Nicole Vilmer)

2012-Now: Regular NASA panelist (HGI, SR and T, TR and T) for NASA Heliophysics Division

2013: External examiner for the PhD viva of Dr Luke Barnard (University of Reading, UK)

Meeting organisation:

2017: Co-convener: Session ST-4.2 at the European Geosciences Union, General Assembly, 23 28 April 2017, Vienna, Austria

2013: Principal Convener: Chapman Conference on the Recent Solar Minimum, AGU Chapman Conference series, April 2013, Florida

2012: Co-convener: Session ST-1.2 at the European Geosciences Union, General Assembly, 22 27 April 2012, Vienna, Austria

2011: Co-convener: Session ST-1.2 at the European Geosciences Union, General Assembly, 03 08 April 2011, Vienna, Austria

2010: Co-convener: Session SH14 at the American Geosciences Union, 27 Nov - 2 Dec., Solar in Sonoma, Petaluma, CA, USA

2010: Convener: Session ST-1.3 at the European Geosciences Union, General Assembly, 02 - 07 May 2010, Vienna, Austria

2009: Co-convener: Session ST-04 at the European Geosciences Union, General Assembly, 19 - 24 April 2009, Vienna, Austria

2008: Convener: Session SP-04 au Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, (WPGM), 29 July - 1 August 2008, Queensland, Australia

Main/Recent publications

>90 articles, h-index=33, citations>2800 (source google scholar in Dec 2019)

Major funded research projects since 2012:

2017-2021:   Principal Investigator of the COROSHOCK (ANR JCJC) project (~300kEuros)

2014-2017:   Team leader of work packages 5 and 6 on EU FP7 HELCATS Project (~700kEuros), EU

2017-2018:   CNES-funded project Solar Wind Forecast Tool (~60kEuros), EU

2012-            CNES-funded project STORMS/CDPP propagation tool:

2012-            CNES-funded project STORMS/CDPP space-weather tool:


NASA Co-I on the Solo-HI, Heliospheric Imager on the upcoming ESA Solar Orbiter mission

ESA Co-I on the Solar Wind Analyser on the upcoming ESA Solar Orbiter mission

Member of the European Geosciences Union

Member of the American Geophysical Union

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