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Profil de Pierre MAZZEGA


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Bureau / office : S003

Institution : CNRS

Statut / status: Chercheur

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GET UMR5563 Geosciences Environment Toulouse
Midi-Pyrénées Observatory
14 av. E. Belin - 31400 Toulouse

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Pierre Mazzega is developing research on the modelling of environmental law, policy and governance as complex systems. He has various experiences, in different research contexts, on environmental modelling and on nonlinear data analysis and assimilation in models.

Engineer in geophysics (Strasbourg Univ.), doctor in earth observation from space, HDR (accreditation to supervise research - Toulouse Univ., France), he is senior scientist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research CNRS in the Geosciences Environment Toulouse research unit (GET UMR5563, France). He is affiliate researcher at the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law & Governance (SCELG), University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Scotland UK

With frequent travels between empirical observations and theory, he contributes to the establishment of dialogues and the construction of methodological bridges between often distant scientific cultures (eg approaches from the formal sciences and research questions built in the social sciences, and back) in order to address in a new way socio-environmental issues of the present, in diverse contexts.

Pierre is developing mainly research in interdisciplinary contexts. presently his activity focuses on:

  • Modelling of environmental law and policy systems
  • Modelling of environmental governance systems
  • Structured and non-structured data analysis


He has experience (/publications) in modelling, data analysis and nonlinear data assimilation / inversion in the following domains (interdisciplinary collaborations and field work):

  • Water resource management (France: water policy simulation platform policy; Southern India: groundwater and land uses)
  • Dynamics of vegetation in semi-arid environment (Sahel; Mali)
  • Dynamics of oceanic particle fluxes (Southern Indian Ocean)
  • Scales and patterns in population dynamics (theoretical ecology)
  • Oceanography from space (ocean tides, mean sea level)
  • Space geodesy (gravity field and geoid; Earth tides and tidal loadings)
  • 2017 - on: Board Member of the International Multidisciplinary Thematic Network "Biodiversity, Health and Societies in Southeast Asia, Thailand supported by CNRS, InEE (National Institute of Ecology and Environment).
  • 2016 - on: Foreign collaborator of the CNPq (Brazil) Research Group of Legal Studies "Natural Resources and Sustainable Development" (GERN / UnB), Faculty of Law and Institute of International Relations (IREL) - PI: Profa. Carina de Oliveira (FL/UnB), University of Brasília – Brazil.
  • 2011-2014: Director of the Franco-Brazilian international joint laboratory "Observatory of Environmental Changes", hosted at the University of Brasilia, Brazil (on secondment at the IRD)
  • 2011-2015: Member of the Steering Committee of the Multidisciplinary Regional Amazon Program (L. Emperaire IRD and A. Carneiro Filho SAE - Brazil)
  • 2008-2010: CNRS deputy director of the GET UMR5563 Toulouse.
  • 2008-2012: Member of the Scientific Council of the French Research Institute for Development (IRD, France)
  • 2002-2005: Member of the Scientific Council of the French National Spatial Remote Sensing Program (PNTS)

Main/Recent publications

Since 2016 (some keywords in brackets).


  • Lajaunie C., Mazzega P. and R. Boulet (2018) Health in Biodiversity-Related Conventions: Analysis of a Multiplex Terminological Network (1973-2016). In Big Data in Computational Social Science and Humanities, Shu-Heng  Chen Ed., Springer,in press. [biodiversity; legal / policy modeling]
  • Mazzega P., Lajaunie C. and E. Fieux (2018) Governance modeling: dimensionality and conjugacy. In:  Graph Theory - Advanced Algorithms and Applications, Beril Sirmacek (Ed.), ISBN 978-953-51-3773-3, InTech Publ., Reijika, Croatia, 63-82. Open access at : [legal / policy modeling]
  • Boulet R., P. Mazzega and D. Bourcier (2018) Network approach to the French system of legal codes. Part II: the role of the weights in a network. Artif Intell Law (2018) 26:23–47. [legal / policy modeling]
  • Mazzega P., Araujo F., Barros-Platiau A.F., Costa de Oliveira C.and C. Lajaunie (2018) Mapping ocean-related main issues onto decision of environmental Conferences of Parties. In "Meio Ambiente Marinho e Direito: a Gestão Sustentável da Investigação, da Exploração e da Explotação dos Recursos Marinhos na Zona Costeira, na Plataforma Continental e nos Fundos Marinhos,  C. Costa de Oliveira et al. (Orgs.), Jurua Editora, Curitiba, Brasil, Vol.II, 25-60. [biodiversity; climate change; fresh oceans; legal / policy modeling]
  • Mazzega P. and C. Lajaunie (2017) Modelling Organisation Networks Collaborating on Health and Environment within ASEAN. In Complex Systems: Theory and Applications, R. S. Martinez (Ed.), NOVA Publ. Hauppauge, NY- USA, ISBN: 978-1-53610-871-2, Chap. 5, 117-148. [legal / policy modeling]
  • Sant’Ana D. and P. Mazzega (2017) Socioeconomic analysis of domestic water end-use consumption in the Federal District, Brazil. Sustain. Water Resour. Manag. DOI 10.1007/s40899-017-0186-4 [fresh water; sustainable development]
  • Lajaunie C. et P. Mazzega (2017)  Transmission, circulation et persistance des thèmes de santé dans les conventions internationales liées à la biodiversité. In S. Maljean-Dubois (Ed) Circulations de normes et réseaux d’acteurs dans la gouvernance internationale de l’environnement, Confluence des droits, 61-80. ISBN : 979- 10-97578-00-8 [biodiversity; legal / policy modeling]
  • Lajaunie C., Mazzega P. et S. Morand (2017) Gouvernance "Santé - Environnement", Problème  Multi-Niveau. La Vie de la Recherche Scientifique,n°409, 12-15.
  • Signataire de #ScientistsWarningtoHumanity link:
  • Lajaunie C. and P. Mazzega (2016) Mining CBD. Brazilian Journal of International Law, vol.13(2), 277-292. doi: 10.5102/rdi.v13i2.4058. [biodiversity; climate change; oceans; sustainable development; legal / policy modeling,text mining]
  • Lajaunie C.and P. Mazzega (2016) One Health and biodiversity conventions. The emergence of health issues in biodiversity conventions. IUCN Academy of Environmental Law eJournal, Issue 7, 105-121. [biodiversity;legal / policy modeling]
  • Lajaunie C. and P. Mazzega (2016) Organization networks as information integration system - Case study on environment and health in Southeast Asia. Advances in Computer Science: an International Journal, Vol. 5, 2(20), 28-39 [biodiversity; legal / policy modeling]
  • Boulet R., Barros-Platiau A. F. and P. Mazzega (2016) 35 years of Multilateral Environmental Agreements ratification: a network analysis. Artificial Intelligence and Law, 24: 133-148. DOI 10.1007/s10506-016-9180-7 [biodiversity; climate change; sustainable development; legal / policy modeling]
  • Mazzega P., Sibertin-Blanc C., Therond O. (2016) Consideration of Decision-Making Processes in Agent-Based Models of Social-Ecological Systems. 8th Intern. Congress on Env. Modelling & Software, iEMS, Toulouse, France. Sauvage S., Sánchez-Pérez J.-M., Rizzoli A. (Eds.), vol.4, 1083-1090 [fresh water; land food and agriculture; legal / policy modeling]
  • Moreira de Souza G., Costa Gurgel H. e P. Mazzega (2016) Seasonal analysis of Cerrado vegetation by means of MODIS data in the Federal District (Brazil). Bol. Goia. Geogr. (Online). Goiânia, v. 36, n. 3, p. 502-520, set./dez. 2016 (in Portuguese).
  • 2017-2022: Member of the ANR project FutureHealthSEA on "Predictive scenarios of health in Southeast Asia: linking land use and climate changes to infectious diseases" (PIs: S. Morand CNRS/CIRAD; C. Lajaunie INSERM and affiliate at SCELG Strathclyde), he is responsible for WP "Integrative Base for Information, Data and Knowledge" and WP "Integrated modelling: linking LULC, Biodiversity and Health"
  • 2017: PI with C. Lajaunie of the CNRS Project GEMA "Environmental governance: modelling and analysis"
  • 2015-on: various initiatives through the "Environment Society & Health" OMP pole, on legal text mining, network modelling of legal terminology, ethics of research on environment and health issues (from 2018), etc.
  • 2009-2014: PI of the MAELIA Project "Multi-Agent environmental law impact assessment", dedicated to the integrated modelling and simulation of water policy in the South-West of France (funded by the foundation RTRA STAE Science and Technology for Aeronautics and Space, Toulouse)
  • Global environmental law issues seen through a methodological prism (9 h) Dec. 8 and 9, 2016 University Center of Brasilia – Dept. of Law.
  • Questões ambientais globais vistas através de um prisma metodológico (12 h) Nov. 7, 11 and 14, 2016 IREL / University of Brasilia
  • New Frontiers in Public Policy Analysis (9 h) 30 June, July 1 &  2, 2016 University Center of Brasilia – Dept. of Law
  • Zona costeira e os desafios na gestão sustentável do mar (6 h) 23 & 30 May, 2016 Law Faculty / University of Brasilia
  • Impact Assessment Modeling of Low-Water Management Policy (4 h) Nov. 10, 2015  Law Faculty / University of Brasilia
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